Monday, January 6, 2014

Major Update: These Need to Become Regular


We have exciting news.

But first, let me explain the organization's 2 month silence.

Our group focused on, well, focus.  We realized we had spread ourselves too thin, trying to do a million things at once:  create a full-fledged organization with a website, members, panels--without first making sure we had a minimum viable product and a method to evaluate our product's success (or shortcomings).

So, we hunkered down and we started actually creating our in classroom materials and instruction materials.

You can check them out here:

The book we pull from is Ana Epstein's Language Literacy and Communication  HighScope donated the book, and we scanned it for personal use within the organization only.  Not to distribute.  We also pull from massive help in developing instruction strategies from Catherine Corr and her masters' students in Early Childhood Education.

Without her support, we'd be nowhere.

By the end of January, we will have a full months' worth of lesson plans.

Also, looks like WE'VE FINALLY FOUND OUR LOCATION at a local perish in New City.  My team and I meet with Sister Angie and her director of youth programs this Wednesday!  CROSS OUR FINGERS.

So, we're still going strong after a restructuring and re-focusing.

No matter how bad things get, you gotta keep going--even if you slow down, even if you get tired, even if you stop for a few weeks.  As long as you keep pushing your steps forward to get your rhythm back.