Sunday, March 23, 2014

Program Started!


We started our program!  We started at Holy Cross/Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Back of the Yards!

This past Friday was our second day!

It's been 1.5 years in the making, but we finally did it.  We crossed one line and now we're onto the next one.

I'll have pictures up once we get picture release forms from our children.

Day 1:  1 child: Maritza.

Day 2:  3 children:  Maritza, Chantal, and Stephany

We've gathered invaluable data on our materials and classroom activities.  We've learned the following:

1.  When you only have one child, group activities go by too quickly.

2.  Make sure it's not the first time a child has been left alone by his/her mother.  You'll force one of your volunteers to spend time resolving the issue instead of teaching.  Have the mother/parent stay for one or two sessions for a good thirty minutes.

3.  Even if disruptions force you off kilter, stay focused.  Remain composed and gain control.  Breathe and just do.

4.  Call parents a day before hand to remind them of a program available to their children, if they are not already enrolled.  Calling them means you're serious.

5.  Always collect phone numbers of parents.  You'll need them.