About AlMas

"Ayudandoles a Lograr Mas"
"Helping them Achieve More"

Organization’s Purpose 

ALMas seeks to help reduce the education-achievement-gap and lack of access to educational capital for Latino children by supporting their literacy development after school and at home.  Because we believe every student deserves the same access to the American Dream.

ALMas in a Nutshell

ALMas is a student organization at the University of Chicago dedicated to reducing the educational and achievement gap between young Hispanics and their white peers.  It will provide an after school pre-school literacy program that focuses on reading comprehension and that is founded upon the most recent research on early childhood education especially as it pertains to young Hispanics.

Research-based Lesson Plan Template

ALMas is first and foremost a research-based organization dedicated to applying theory into practice.  We derive our teaching practices, philosophy, and lesson plan template from the most recent and reliable early childhood education (ECE) research with special help, advice, and reviews from early education professionals, academics, and practitioners.

Our ECE professionals, academics, and practitioners include:

Molly Thayer, Director of Literacy, Urban Education Institute, University of Chicago

Catherine Corr, PhD Candidate, ECE of English Language Learners, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Edna Godinez, Pre School Teacher/Practioner, Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center (CHECC), University of Chicago

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