Organization Structure

The structure of the organization has three major components: an executive board, an advisory board, and a core group of volunteer tutors.

Executive Board and Volunteer Tutors
Currently, the executive board is made up of ten university students, all sophomores and juniors in the college. The majority of the students on the executive board are Hispanic themselves of Hispanic descent and have native or near-native proficiencyare fluent bilingual Spanish-speakers. These founding board members will also make up the first group of volunteer tutors trained for the pilot program.

Advisory Board
The advisory board is made up of an academic advisor, a community service advisor, and  two early childhood education professionals. 

Research Committee
Not only do we have college students as teachers/mentors and executive board, but we also have a Research Committee, under the Executive Board. The committee will consist of 4-6 individuals and will focus on conducting research that will further empower the ideals of ALMas. All research conducted shall focus on improving or fostering a curriculum for the program. Individuals apart of the Research Committee are expected to present their research as a concise summary.

It is divided into three groups: research, observation, and record keeping. The research group will be responsible for conducting literature reviews related to educational programs focused on Latino children in preschool. The observation group will periodically attend ALMas after school sessions and record the interactions between ALMas volunteers and the children, documenting teaching practices. The record-keeping group will analyze the preschool children’s educational assessment results and provide summaries to the executive board on the students’ progress.

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