Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Greatest Enemy (Re-Post)

Re-Post: Our Greatest Enemy

I thought it applicable to re-blog this post. I think I need it. So here it is:

Our Greatest Enemy
There are times when we fall into a lull. When during our final push running to the finish line, we slip into a glaze of emptiness. This is when we are most vulnerable to loss. Most vulnerable to losing everything we have because we stay gone--unattached from the world around us; enclosed in our little world of failure and unwillingness to exert ourselves beyond. The glaze falls over our eyes--the life and fire in them disappear.

In this state, we question everything we've lived for. We question what it means to be. What it means to do. We question our character. Our will. Our fortitude. Sometimes, our faith.

Be sure, this state: we all experience more than once. And each time, we must question what we are. Who we are. What we're made of. It's at this point, the violent calm comes before the gleaming storm--when we give up our state of numb and immobile for the taste and touch of misery and beauty, of constant fatigue and gratifying movement.

We wake up, and we pick up our pace--pick up our knees, quicken our stride, pump our arms, exert our legs, heart, soul, and mind to a higher level of unimaginably terrible pain because we know why we've been running--and cross the finish line. Lungs on fire. Legs on fire. Every breath a gift from God.

We collapse. We gasp. But we pick ourselves up. We rise. One knee up before the next. We look up. We've done it. We've seized the win. We've done our best. We've escaped from the dangerous pitfall that is our own self.

Because we, ourselves, are our greatest enemy.

Get to that finish line. Get at it. Get there.

That's it.

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