Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brainstorm ESL Curriculum #1

Daily Exercises at the beginning of class:


In Spanish Greeting: Hola Ninos!  Como estan ustedes?

Children reply.

In English: 

Hi children!  How are you today?

Children reply.

Go over how to greet individuals.  Have children greet each other.  

On board: Hola = Hi

Como = How, esta = are, usted/tu = you?

Go over this in class.

Have children shake each other's hands and save, "How are you?"

Response to greeting:  

Estoy = I am, bien = all right/good

Teacher says: 

MANZANA!  (Rules established, when teacher says "Manzana!"  children reply, "APPLE!")

"A mi me gustan las manzanas!"  Translates to:

I like apples!

"To me, I = a mi," "me gustan = like," "apples = las manzanas"

"Las manzanas ayudan a el corazon!  Y tambien ellas limpian a mis dientes!"

Apples help my heart!  And they clean my teeth!

(Integrate healthy associations with curriculum).


Ahora vamos a cantar el alfabeto.

Now we will sing the alphabet.

Ah Beh Seh Deh Eh Efe ge(heh) hache Y jota kah ele eme ene oh peh cu ere ese te ooh ve doble ve equis i griega zeta

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

ah buh kuh duh eh fuh guh huh (ihhhn) juh kuh luh muh nuh ahh puh kuh ruh sss tuh uhhhh vuh wuh cks ya zuh

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