Saturday, November 16, 2013


I don't sleep.  I have an opportunity to make a dream become a reality.
50 Cent

All right guys,

My team and I will have officially created our first prototype lesson plan for The Snowy Day, including the actual materials involved in the lessons.

This means:
1.  the actual book
2.  the questions to ask from the book
3.  the easels and easel pads for the picture word wall
4.  the final product from arts and crafts activities in the lesson plan
5.  the actual interactive journal (what it looks like physically)
6.  the nursery rhymes on the easel pad, too!

Overall this is what we've accomplished so far:

1.  We got all our books.  so we have our library fully stocked.  You can see it here.
2.  We're almost done with our first prototype.
3.  We're conferencing with Catherine Corr, our early childhood academic and friend, on how to create a truly bilingual after school program this Wednesday like bosses.

Ready to roll.  I'm not sleeping, broski.

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