Saturday, October 6, 2012

Time and Learning

If there are only a few things I've learned in the short twenty years of life I've lived, it's these:

1.  Even when you find out what you want to do in life, it's still hard to get your ass off the bed and actually do what you know you've been made to do.

But I'm doing it, damn it.  Met with Shaz Rasul, Program Director of Neighborhood Schools Program, and Lucy Hall, Program Coordinator of Jumpstart here at UChicago.

I think I just landed an ALMas-Jumpstart partnership for curriculum, volunteer training, and pre-k children mentoring experience.  BOOM.

2.  Inspiring others to follow you takes commitment and work.  You have to give back to your helpers.  You gotta make sure you value them!

3.  In the end, you can choose your friends and you have to love your family and friends.  Why waste time with those that don't make your life happier?  Talk to those closest to you; open up; be stupid, be funny, be sad, be mad--be complete.

4.  This is just for me, really.  With respect to women, I honestly don't know much in this arena.  And I've definitely screwed the pooch many many times.  But in any potential or beginning relationship, if you treated the other person well, I think you can expect at least a hi or something from that person when you pass by them.  I mean, it's courtesy.  It at least lets you know that you did something right--or else it just feels like you really make someone uncomfortable.  And that doesn't feel to good at all.

5.  I don't know.  Help kids.  Honestly, if that's the biggest thing I've learned, it's that.  Help kids.  Why?  Because they need it.  Now more than ever.

6.  Study hard.  I know I've been.  I'm in the library a lot.  One or two days, I'll be a little less on my game.  But I'm on it right now.  And it feels good to know I'm not wasting these last few precious years running around chasing frivolous things.

7.  Love unconditionally.  Be merciful.  Because you never know when you'll need mercy.

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