Thursday, December 13, 2012

First ALMas Executive Board Meeting

Today was the first meeting of ALMas' FIRST Executive Board.

Can you believe this?

An idea that began only as a thought 6 months has official documentation, a leadership team of volunteers, and we're starting to create lesson plans and going through as much research literature to build our curriculum and class strategy.

This is the group:

Board Member
Marina E. Castro
Marvin Espinoza
Cristina Ochoa
Director of Communication/Relations
Melissa Marquez
Director of Social Media & Outreach
Vidal Anguiano
Director of Volunteer Involvement
Joshua Saucedo
Daniel Ramirez
Director of Operations
Spencer Claxton
Research Committee
Joseline Gomez
Research Committee
Christian Sanchez


When I led our first meeting, I was blown away by the genuine excitement among this group of loving people.  Who want to do good.

Who want to be led to do something good.

Who trust and believe in me to lead them to that good.

I'm scared as hell of failing them.  Of being revealed to be a fraud.

But I'm too far into it now to back away.  Because they need me to work.

And I'm going to work.

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