Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Blog's Dedication

Hi All!

This blog started out as my own personal one (and all posts before this one come imported from it).

But I soon realized that when I embarked upon a new journey in my life, I thought I could share it with the world.  So I am.  The journey to create ALMas.

I will now devote this blog to the step-by-step developments on how my team and I develop and create ALMas, an afterschool program dedicated to reducing the achievement gap between Latino students and their white peers by providing extra literacy instruction to preschool ESL latino children.  All run by college students.

This is the journey.

My team and I, we move together to something bigger than just me.  But something great.


I hope you all follow along and learn something.  We will be learning quite a bit.

Thank you,
Marvin Espinoza

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