Friday, September 13, 2013

Revised D in AIDA: Desire

Here is a revised version of D.

I think it's a lot more coherent!

Check it out:

These students’ gaps in academics and economic struggles result from cognitive and noncognitive skill deficits, which opened up early in their childhoods (0 - 5 yrs) and progressed into adulthood.  

Because mothers spend the most time with their children early in their lives, they largely control the investments in their children’s skills.  But with little formal schooling and knowledge of resources available, these children’s mothers know they must invest in their children but they don’t know how.

Consequently, early on Hispanic children are read to less than optimally;  are exposed to less vibrant, expansive language and vocabularies; and are less frequently enrolled into high quality preschool programs.  

As Hispanic students remain the fastest growing student demographic in the US, these children will continue to drop-out of school at the nation’s highest rates; they will continue to academically underperform relative to their white peers;  and they will continue to struggle economically.

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