Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Updates: Logo, Program Location, Volunteer Recruitment (and new Beta Website), and Brand Management

Our Logo
A graphic designer friend of mine, Shuwen Qian, used his amazing talents and created this logo for ALMas:

Pretty Awesome right?

Program Location
We're still waiting on the green light from Gage Park Library.  We submitted our program proposal to Ms. Elizabeth McChesney, and we're waiting for her stamp of approval.  It's been about 2.5 weeks, and I have followed up with her twice.  I will do so again tomorrow to see where we stand while letting her know our commitment to this program and the Hispanic community.

In other news, I was invited to speak to 60 seniors at UNO's Major Hector P. Garcia Charter School about going to college and what to expect.  The school largely serves Hispanic students and works to raise their achievement levels--only fitting, right?  Yeah!  I told the social worker there about ALMas and how we were finalizing our location.  She exclaimed, "YOU SHOULD DO THAT HERE!"  I told her that we should talk with the principal and see if we could get this going.  We would need to figure out transportation, because the UNO school is about an hour away by bus.  But this is an alternative option!

Volunteer Recruitment (and new Beta Website!)
It's the start to a new year the University of Chicago, and we have new students from around the country just waiting to serve their community--and we would like to recruit some of these new youngsters as founding program members and college teachers.  We've just started our first beta for our new website where we'll host all of our program information for volunteers, students' parents, and supporters.  You can see the skeleton of it here:  www.ayudarmas.org.

We've also created an awesome brochure for recruitment too!  Check it out:

Brand Management
I've been reading some fundraising books that unsurprisingly also act as brand development books!  I'll share what I've learned in a later post, but right now I can tell you that AIDA came from one of those books.  So now we're in full swing to get our program started!  We just need to tidy up a few things!

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