Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Next Steps for ALMas

These are the next steps:
  1. Contact the principle at Richard Daley Elementary and request/schedule an appointment ASAP.
    • Pitch the idea, ask questions pertaining to what the school would like, transportation, and ESL teachers available.
    • Get contact information from ESL teachers
    • Figure out if there will be an extra need for financing/grants
    • If so, begin search for grants that the school can apply for
  2. Research after school academic focused programs in Chicago
    • Contact the program directors and ask to meet with them
    • Ask for sit in on their program
    • Learn about their model, approach
      • Take notes and figure out what I can copy/emulate and tweak
  3. Draft program model and proposals for curriculum
    • If necessary, develop curriculum from example programs (if financing for RAVE-O is unavailable)
  4. Contact potential ALMa tutors whom I've already e-mailed and heard from.
    • Provide them updates and ask their opinion
    • Ask to meet them in person to discuss their participation in the club
  5. Plan tutor recruitment
So I'm thinking of a new name for the club:


Literally translates to:  "Souls"
Can be interpreted as:  "All Mas" which is a combination of English and Spanish for, All More
Acroynum for:  Ayudandoles Lograr Mas, Helping them achieve more.

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