Saturday, August 17, 2013

Update on Work We Gotta Do!

Check out this super sweet google doc of responsibilities my team and I made last night to get our work done for ALMas!

We've got deadlines and objectives.  I think we're running hot baby!

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Responsibility Table for Each ALMas Member
Objective / Task
Member Assigned
Due Date
Days Until Due
Food/Snacks - LiabilityVidal Anguiano8/19/20138/17/20132Summary of meeting with law student.
Food/Snacks - Data CollectionChristian Sanchez8/21/20138/17/20134
Food/Snacks - Data CollectionAdan Meza8/21/20138/17/20134
Classroom Supplies - Data Collection and OutreachMarvin Espinoza8/18/20138/17/20131
Classroom Supplies - Data Collection and OutreachSpencer Claxton8/18/20138/17/20131
Booklet - Best Practices to Follow in the ClassroomCristina Ochoa8/20/20138/17/20133Text for booklet on best practices in classroom
Booklet - Early Childhood Demographics and Early Childhood Research BenefitsJoseline Gomez8/20/20138/17/20133Text for research on early childhood and demographcis for kids
Books - Read ConmigJoseline Gomez8/20/20138/17/20133Sort through read conmigo books and coordinate with Josh
Website - WordpressShuwen Qian8/19/20138/17/20132Wordpress site and text
Training Summary and Best PracticesChristian Sanchez8/23/20138/17/20136Get it done people! :]
Get people to make own spreadsheet of their accomplishmentsMarvin Espinoza8/20/20138/17/20133

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