Sunday, September 23, 2012

Por Que Campesino Soy

Inspired by Neruda's Here I Love You

Here I Love You in the Sun's Nettle and Tatter

Over the tattered shade of leaves and branch,
the sea of fauna and flora breathe and sway,
the white sun's rays pierce and play,

'til the wind settles
and the ray nettles
in mine eye--

'nd you arrive,
your hand raised
o'er mine eye
to my heart staid--

stopped still
in a longing shade

'til the shade waves
and the tatter meddles,
a single leaf, to unsettle
the nettle ray,

breathing and heaving
the almond mends
much as it bends

'nd gone they are
your hands in the sea
hidden in the tatters
on the ground, scripted.

Sometimes the tattered shades wake me up in the early mornings--and even my soul is turned to mud.

Here I love you through the trees, the sun, and the dirt.
I love you still among these hidden things.

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