Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Quarter: Week 1 Battle Plans

Here are the objectives we have to meet this first week of school to make sure we're on track.

Before all of this, I have a call with Edna, a preschool bilingual teacher for the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, and I'm going to ask her about what types of activities she provides her students that come from a limited English background.

Questions I need to ask Edna:

How does she tailor instruction?
How do the children learn over the year?
What types of improvements have you seen?  How large are they?
How behind have your most behind students?  How do you work with them?
What should be the beginning activities for a child at the beginning stages of just learning how to use language and connecting it to letters and words?
What types of activities have you found to be the most effective?
How do you make a progressive program?  Harder words?  How do you determine that?
How do you determine the pace?

Battle Plans:
  1. Monday and Tuesday: 
    1. I need to talk to Ms. Panama from the Charles A Hayes Family Clinic and ask for the connection to CPS school director she knows.  He can pull some strings.
    2. call the 7 schools and find out who is in charge of overseeing the HeadStart program at the respective school.
      1. Figure out if each respective program teaches fully in Spanish or partially
    3. Let them know about ALMas and our plan
    4. See if they are interested
    5. If interested, get in contact with the appropriate HeadStart teacher
    6. Meet with Professor Sedlar and have her as our Academic Advisor, unless we can get Roberto Gonzalez, or the professor advised to me by Steve.   (That may be a good option).
  2. During the team meeting:
    1. divide up the team into two groups:  
      1. Group 1: RSO Application and Website Design - led by Marina
        1. Figure out what we need to apply for RSO status
        2. Get materials together and apply by THIRD WEEK (so, second week)
        3. whole group: Start thinking about funding sources on campus AND fundraising opportunities
        4. Get them in touch with Shuwen, our website developer
      2. Group 2: Curriculum design and Lesson Plan Development - led by Marvin
        1. Review literature read over Winter Break and synthesize information
        2. Finish general outline for lesson plans and weekly routine
        3. After the routine, figure out what books would be helpful
        4. After input from HS teacher, we move forward with tailoring themes and vocabulary words for lesson plans
    2. Each respective group will take on the responsibilities designated to them
  3. Figure out which publishing houses will be useful for finding appropriate books for pre-k children whose native language is Spanish
    1. Daniel should have a list available by this time
  4. Get Eugene on board and see what's up with the graphics, or else we'll just find something else.

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